Friedman Diabetes Institute Staff

FDI Staff
Our staff of highly trained professionals is dedicated to serving the public.

Leonid Poretsky, MD
Director, Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute

Gerald Bernstein, MD
Director, Diabetes Management Program

Agustin Busta, MD
Staff Endocrinologist

Alina Gouller, MD
Staff Endocrinologist

Jerome V. Tolbert, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Outreach Team

Gabrielle P. Grinstein, MD
Pediatric Endocrinologist

Marina Krymskaya, NP, CDE
Assistant Director,
Diabetes Management Program

Natalie Morrow, CLSW-R
Case Manager

Pamela Flores
Practice/Business Manager

Kamala R. Mantha
Research Coordinator

Sandra Miranda
Senior Billing Coordinator

Karina Ziskovich
Administrative Assistant

Sandy Farrell
Administrative Assistant

Tolulope Ojeyemi, FNP, MSN
Diabetes Nurse Educator

Shelley Wishnick RD, CDN, CDE

Conrad Sanchez, MA, ACSM, AAPT, FMS
Exercise Counselor

Maria Pajares, RN
Diabetes Educator